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One to One Counselling

One to One Counselling is a chance for you to explore your own thoughts and feelings. This process can help you arrive at your own powerful resolutions, new understandings and improved wellbeing about yourself. 

There are times when the challenges of life can make us feel overwhelmed and isolated. There may be times we have difficulty talking about how we feel to those closest to us. We go through transitions, crises, experience uncertainty and loss. How we deal with difficulties in life is an important aspect of how we move forward and ultimately whom we become as people.


With one to one counselling not only will we look at your problems in the present, but also identify the roots of these problems from your past and ultimately explore how your past experiences have affected the way you live today.


At Ealing Counselling Services we offer a range of psychotherapeutic approaches from short-term focusing on a current and specific issue, psychodynamic and person-centred therapy working more in-depth and trauma intervention such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), through the process of exploration, we enable self-knowledge and self-awareness to help you grow and conquer issues that may previously have been experienced as all-consuming or overwhelming. So, whichever route you choose we are here to help you.







Online Counselling

Skype, Face-time or telephone appointments are available for people with constrained timetables. This approach is suitable for frequent travellers, people with prolonged working hours in highly demanding jobs, for those who live far from London - even abroad or anyone who prefers this way of therapy. 


Ealing Counselling Services Online is a great service offering individuals a private, confidential space with a qualified counsellor. From the privacy of your own home, you can access the support and help you need, with greater ease and is less intimidating than the traditional office setting. Recent studies have shown that online counselling is just as effective as traditional in-office settings.


So, if you are in a situation like busy schedules, being a full-time carer, disabled or living in rural places that traditionally have little or no clinical services then Ealing Counselling Service Online is a lifeline. 

£ 65

Group Counselling



Group therapy is a confidential, non-judgemental space to share with others how you truly feel can support you in understanding your feelings in finding new ways of coping more effectively. In group therapy, members of a group interact with each other under the guidance of a therapist.


The group is made up of people who are coming with a variety of issues, such as grieving, anxiety, depression, confidence, existential angst or just looking for a safe space to learn more about themself. The benefits of a group setting is that you not only share and be heard, you can share your support for others as they do for you. The therapist will hold and support the group and all the individuals that make up the group, gentle enabling each member to work at there our pace in a safe and supportive environment.

Group therapy works partly because being understood is itself beneficial. It can be a relief. It can put into words something that has not been understood before. During the group you are exposed to different points of view and have the opportunity to learn from others, to receive feedback and support.


Each individual brings with them their history and character, which contributes to any group situation. Understanding this can reduce confusion between how we are both similar and different to other people. If this is the type of therapy you need then do not hesitate to call us.



Clinical Supervision

With my Clinical Supervision training, 17 years’ experience delivering counselling to a diverse client group and the last 7 years providing clinical supervision I can offer clinical supervision grounded in experience and knowledge. I’m able to actively support and develop frontline workers and counsellor’s work with their clients.  I believe that the role of the supervisor is to aid counsellors and teams to improve and enhance their client work.


I work flexibly with counsellors according to their needs and level of experience. I have had the pleasure of providing clinical supervision to psychotherapist, frontline staff who work with traumatised victims, and team managers who run therapeutic support services, for the NHS, Universities, Charities and other great institutions.


If you would like supervision for you or your team then please feel free to contact us. Ealing Counselling Service looks forward to hearing from you and working with you.



EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It is a therapy used to help people recover from distressing events and the problems they have caused, like flashbacks, upsetting thoughts, images, depression or anxiety. EMDR is best known for its effectiveness in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is widely used by the NHS, charitable organisations, the private sector - not to mention The Ministry of Defence also use EMDR to help their service personnel with PTSD.


EMDR can also be used to help treat a variety of mental health problems like depression or anxiety, especially where a difficult life event has been involved. EMDR can be useful for people who have witnessed or experienced an event like a car accident, a violent crime, sexual or emotional abuse, bullying, a social humiliation or the sudden loss of a loved one and are struggling to recover. If you feel this type of therapy is what you need then do not leave it too long to contact us.


Cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment will not be charged but “no shows” and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged for in full. If you need to cancel your appointment please call 0793 3289 272. If you get through to voicemail, please leave a message stating slowly and clearly, that you wish to cancel, your name and telephone number, date and time of your appointment and whether you wish to reschedule. 

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