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Great counselling service from beginning to end. I felt that I was cared for in a professional and mindful way. I am now happier and fulfilled  - which I never thought would be possible for me. Thank you Carole you are amazing! 

Happy Girl
Young Male Nurse

Carole Miles has  helped me through some really traumatic times in my life and I can honestly say her approach is without a doubt life-changing. Thank you for everything!

I saw Carole for 12 weeks for psychotherapy and EMDR. I was having issues with anxiety and negative thoughts & feelings about myself and others. Carole helped me to work through these issues, and guided me towards more helpful thinking patterns. 


Since seeing Carole my mood has lifted and I am so much kinder to myself and others. I set boundaries more and have learned to recognise and prioritise my own needs. Her curiosity, professionalism, and patience were key to helping me to work through this dark time in my life and I feel so much better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Support Groups

Carole was amazing during such a dark time in my marriage. She helped us so much and her support has made a massive difference to our lives. We were will encourage you to talk openly about difficult topics and explore our childhood and family history. 


By analysing our behavioural patterns and the ways in which we communicate with each other, they will also help you see discrepancies in your and your partner’s behaviour and teach you techniques to improve your communication. 

Young Love

I've been living with stress and anxiety for many years to the point that it felt like second nature. My sessions with Carole helped me untangle the mess and helped me feel liberated after a long time.


She is an amazing and insightful counsellor - who sees you as a true individual. Thank you for giving me the tools to reclaim my life.

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